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Jason Porter and Gabrielle Parker are modern day lovers. Author Silke Ming wastes no time introducing the insecurity felt by Jason Porter when night after night, for weeks at a time, his partners’ dreams cause him to call out the name of ‘Nicholas’. This causes intense jealousy and insecurity on Jason’s part and an unwillingness to believe Gabriel’s cries of innocence as he denies any knowledge of anyone with that name.
Jason is so distraught he enlists the aid of his business partner, a fellow psychologist, to hypnotize Gabriel and discover the truth. The sessions themselves are not divulged, we see only the outcome.
Whilst under hypnosis Gabriel returns to a different place in time. The author introduces two pivotal characters almost immediately, they meet on the ‘Merciless’ a ship bound for Barbados from Ireland in 1914.
Young priest Damian Fassnidge, is under punishment for breaking his vow of celibacy with another man. He has been sent to the place considered by the church in Ireland to be the worst and most punishing post of all … in Barbados. Damian is afforded courtesy because of his position as a priest, and his journey on board is not a severe as others.
His first night on board ship, he meets up with a likeable rogue by the name of Nicholas Duffy.
Afraid because of his immediate and overwhelming attraction towards the young man, Damien does everything he can to ensure his personal barriers stay in place. The chapters that follow show how over a period of months on the island that barrier is broken down and the two men become lovers whilst Damien still attempts to maintain his post as priest.
Suffice it to say the sexual content is explicit; and not unexpected, as the book is clearly categorized as erotica.
The sexual content is well written and not employed purely for shock value. The love between these two men will be tested and tested again in the three years that follow.
They use sex both as a reward and as punishment. With BDSM used by mutual consent.
The ending came a little unexpectedly and for me it was too abrupt. I would like to have seen much more of the reaction to the remarkable journey revealed by the hypnotherapy on the present day lovers.
However; the ending does open the book up for a sequel. I do hope there is one.
The title of this book is drawn from the name of an alcoholic cocktail that is very popular on the island. This book is due for release shortly. (less)

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Aug 24,016 4 STARS

Marie’s Tempting Reads ARC Review:

Incredible historical elements, sexy storyline, and wonderfully complex characters, I was once again, delighted with a book by Silke Ming! I don’t always get into M/M romance. Not because I find anything wrong with it, but sometimes the character development with at least one of the characters is a bit bizarre. One usually has childish and almost creepy baby tendencies. Luckily Miss Ming once again sweeps my fears away and I got a story that was exciting as it was HOT! We get a bit of suspense and drama which added more to the story which, in my opinion, made it even better.

I loved the fact that Silke can take us on a whole new route with her characters and romance. I enjoy the fact that she can experiment with her storylines and delicious love scenes and give us readers a different treat each time. I never know quite what to expect until I actually read the book. And that thrills me!

Three Degrees East of Bliss gets a very TEMPTING FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Its sexy, breathtaking, and leaves you on the edge, and now I am eagerly awaiting the next book. Keep up the excellent writing Miss Ming! (less)

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Jason Porter and Gabe Parker are lovers and Gabe has been having dreams of a man named Nicholas. He calls out his name while asleep sometimes moaning and groaning and other times laughing. This has Jason worried that Gabe has another lover and is not faithful.
This is where the story takes a sharp left turn.

Chapter two starts out in Cork, Ireland, 1914 and Gabe is Father Damien Fassnidge. He is traveling to Barbados aboard a ship to become the priest of a  parish there.
The second day aboard ship he meets Nicholas Duffy, a man who is going to Barbados to be a plantation manager.

The two men become friends and agree to meet up after they reach their respective destinations. There is an attraction between them that is left unspoken while they are on the ship.

I feel this book could have done without the change in time and the whole “dream” issue.
The book is well written and the characters are interesting and well developed. The scenery/setting is described very well and I could see in my mind the beautiful ocean views.

The angst of forbidden love between two men is the basis for this story and it is heartwarming that despite all obstacles they find their HEA.
Heads up…this book has very descriptive sex scenes between two men. (less)