Dancing with Angelique

sm-dwangelique-fullHaving graduated from university as an architect, the French student Angelique de Villiers travels to India on an extended holiday to meet her relatives, and to see the sights of the country. Her mother sends her to her uncle Prabhat Prawar and his very conservative wife Anoush, who is shocked to learn that Angelique at twenty two, is not married, and introduces her to the very handsome and wealthy Ravi Malhotra. They fall madly in love and their scorching love scenes light up the Malhotra home. However, Angelique’s uncle and his wife have borrowed money from a loan shark/brothel keeper to pay for their youngest daughter’s education. Unable to repay the debt, Anoush drugs Angelique and hands her over to the loan shark as repayment. The man wants to make the beautiful Angelique his wife, but Ravi searches until he finds and rescues her. She finds a job as an architect and decides to stay in India in Ravi’s arms.
A passionate love story against the vibrant backdrop of India.

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