Flight Attendant Madison Beckham travels the world, but her life is not as exciting as she would like. She joins an Internet dating site and is paired up with the wealthy entrepreneur Stefan Cole. It is love at first sight for both participants and the little town of Port Collier rocks with their sexual shenanigans. When the handsome Ken Savory walks onto her London-bound flight, he turns her cozy world upside down. The two have an affair and guilty feelings lead her to confess to Stefan, who forgives her. When Stefan takes her out to dinner to meet one of his best friends, none other than Ken Savory walks into the restaurant. Stefan realizes Ken was her anonymous lover on the London layover, and he and Madison part. Ken had never forgotten Madison and they rekindle their relationship. She, however, realizes she still loves Stefan, and wants them both, but will their relationship stand the test of time?


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