Endless Possibilities – Call of the Heart


 sm-step-calloftheheart-fullWhen Skye and Rory relocate to Anchorage to join Charlie Higgins, life starts anew for the three lovers.
Charlie’s career as an architect soars, and with Margie Pemberton’s help, Rory becomes a success in the art world. Margie is the wealthy wife of Charlie’s boss, but she shows an unusual amount of interest in Rory which does not sit well with Skye and Charlie. They think she is a cougar whose sole interest is getting Rory into her bed.
Charlie sets out to investigate Margie and in a conversation with his father back in Cherry Hill, what Charlie learns shocks him. He confronts Margie with what he has learned, and finds out that her reasons for helping Rory are quite the opposite from what he believes.
Rory is becoming reckless in the relationship, bringing friction in the household, but a few words from Charlie sets him back on the right path.


The Menage continues in the second hot steamy continuation of this love story.

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