Endless Possibilities

 sm-endlesspossibilities-fullWhen Skye Lark rolls into the sleepy little town of Cherry Hill dressed in a pilot’s uniform, everyone assumes she is an airline captain. 
There is an immediate attraction when she meets the two young village studs, Rory Ellroy, an artist and Charlie Higgins, an architect. The young men are lovers, but they also want to share the sexy blonde. They become lovers and enter into a relationship, but a problem looms on the horizon 
When Skye leaves town for an alleged trip to Paris, France, Rory makes a two hour drive to the town of Paris to collect payment for a painting, and spots Skye’s pickup truck in the parking lot. 
Inside the club, Skye gyrates onto the stage, dressed in a captain’s uniform, which she peels off for the benefit of the single, wealthy male client. A confused and shocked Rory returns home where he throws himself into his work, but keeps what he has learnt a secret from Charlie. During their love trysts, Rory becomes an observer since he can no longer touch her. When she throws a birthday party for Charlie, things get out of hand, and once again, the two men compete for her affections. 
Rory finally confronts Skye and she confesses to the charade, and her reasons for being dishonest with them. However, fate intervenes when Charlie is offered a job in Alaska. He is undecided but accepts the position because his bank account is empty. Skye and Rory are broken-hearted, but Rory sees the advantage in having her all to himself. However life is not the same without Charlie, and when Skye’s dirty little secret is revealed, she and Rory decide to follow Charlie to Alaska, where they pick up where they had left off.
A hot new love triangle that will keep you reading to the very last page.


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