For the Love of Jonathan

sm-loveofjonathan-full5396697a86766.jpgHolly Freeman is caught up in a love triangle. Which of the two men will she choose? Will it be the handsome American lawyer Jonathan Wolfe or the Australian playboy Bryan Newton?When Holly’s wedding ceremony is brought to an abrupt end, she flees the scene and dashes into the parked limo which is about to be driven away. Sitting in the back is the distinguished lawyer Jonathan Wolfe who takes her into his home.  They eventually fall in love, but Holly, still traumatized by her experience, decides to travel to find self-fulfillment, promising Jonathan she will return. She travels to India, Singapore, Cairns, Australia, and Bali. In Cairns, she falls for the irresistible playboy Bryan Newton, and in a moment of weakness, they have a sizzling love affair, but Bryan seems afraid to make a commitment.After she leaves Cairns for mystical Bali, Jonathan surprises her and joins her there. She admits her affair with Bryan and is forgiven. She realizes that Jonathan truly loves her and together they start to plan their future.
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