An Interview with Silke Ming

Q.   Please tell us a bit about yourself, Silke.

I have been writing for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I have always thought that I would like to be a writer, but that sort of fell by the wayside when I moved to Europe. It was only twelve years ago, when I made the plunge and published my first novel, which I’m afraid to say was not a great success.


Q.   You started out as a fiction writer and have since changed your genre to romance. Why?

I was reading the daily newspaper and there was an article about an author who talked about the struggles she had encountered as a new writer, and the success she had achieved in the following years. As I read I could clearly see myself as I was facing the same problems. I looked her up on the internet and found out that she was a romance writer, so I decided I would try my hand at this genre, but it was quite a challenge. It was not as easy as I thought, so after many rejections with my first romance novel, I settled down to read as many romance novels as I could.


Q.   So you published your first romance novel, Paint me Curious Bronze.
When you look back at that novel and compare it with your last novel,
what is your impression?

I will say, I have come a long way. I am very critical of myself. Whenever I’m unsure about anything, I have two very good friends that I can run my concerns by, before offering it to a publisher. They are very critical and I know they will always be honest and truthful.


Q.    Do you read romance novels and who is your favourite romance writer?

Reading romance novels is new to me, but I have read quite a few of Sylvia Day’s books.


Q.   Have you ever fallen in love with one of your heroes?

Oh yes. I fell in love with Jonathan Wolfe from ‘For the Love of Jonathan.’ I think he is every woman’s dream of the perfect man; Handsome, rich, sensitive, educated, kind and a gentleman in every respect of the word.


Q    Silke, if you could be a character from one of your books, which one would it be?

 It would be Sasha Santorelli, from the book I’m working on now. She is a very modern woman who knows what she wants and sets out to succeed, in spite of what other people think.


Q.    What is your favourite line from one of your books?

 This line is also from my new book, ‘Sasha’s Temptation.’ When Sasha’s lover, Jack is offered a position which means he has to move from the east to the west coast, he proposes marriage. Sasha is hesitant to marry him and also to follow him. Sasha is forty eight years old and Jack is twenty seven. The age difference is always in the forefront of her mind. She tells Jack that she won’t stand in the way of his success.

Jack loves her dearly and does not intend to lose her. This is the line which stands out in my mind, and which to me, means true love.

‘I won’t climb that ladder of success, unless you are there to climb it with me.’


Q.   Tell us Silke, how many hours per day do you spend on your writing?

 It all depends upon my mood, but I do write every day. Sometimes I write for four hours and sometimes six or seven.


Q.    Who is your favourite author or authors?

 I love the classics, so immediately Jane Austen and Charles Dickens come to mind. And the modern day author I really admire is Maya Angelou.


Q.    What would you say is the greatest misconception about being an author?

 Before I really got into writing, I pictured a glamorous life; Receiving royalties, traveling to different countries and meeting people who are anxiously waiting to greet you, but I was wrong. Writing is a very lonely way of life. You sit alone for hours on end, write a couple sentences, delete that and start all over again. Sometimes it takes a whole week before you can construct a sentence or a paragraph to your liking, and then the critics are just waiting to pull it to shreds, one little piece at a time.


Q.    My final question to you is…. what would you like to do, if you decided you no longer wanted to write.

Traveling is my passion, and although I have traveled quite a bit, I would be happy to jump on a train and travel through India, or take the Blue Train from Pretoria to Victoria Falls. And finally, spend the rest of my life somewhere in Central Bali, with a view of the rice paddies or on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.