Josephine Revisited



We met Josephine Fletcher and her lover Richard Schreck earlier in Possessing Josephine. It’s one year later, and the couple are still deeply in love. However, lurking in the shadows is Richard’s ex-girlfriend, the African model known only as Willow. The case against her mother is still ongoing, but word reaches Richard that it’s nothing but a publicity stunt to keep the aging model in the limelight.
Richard takes Josephine on a trip to Venice, where for the first time, as a black woman, she feels like an equal. A chance meeting in a restaurant brings them into contact with the Italian socialite, Alessandra Graziani. Things get out of hand after they consume copious amounts of alcohol and end up in bed together. Josephine cannot forgive herself, but Richard consoles her by taking the blame.


The perfect continuation to an already hot love story between Josephine and Richard.

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