Possessing His Claim


sm-possessing-fullAlthough Mason and Katie Oliver are happily married, there is still a void in the bedroom. When Mason realizes that all is not well with his competition, Ridley Construction, he persuades Bridges, the youngest of the Ridley clan, to join his company, but Mason has an ulterior motive. Bridges, however, takes the bait, but like Mason he too has an ulterior motive. He is still head over heels in love with Mason’s wife, Katie. After a birthday celebration, Mason invites Bridges to their home, where the three end up together in bed.
Mason’s construction projects are being vandalized, and when Katie is kidnapped, they know that Rock Ridley, the eldest Ridley clan is the culprit. He plans to rape Katie in the presence of Bridges and Mason. The plan is foiled, and Rock is sent to a mental asylum. Bridges moves into the Oliver home with Katie and Mason, where they enjoy their alternative lifestyle.
Another Hot Menage theme to spice up your imagination

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