Possessing Josephine

sm-possessingjosephine-full[1]When Josephine “Josie” Fletcher meets a handsome cowboy in the bar, there is immediately a mutual attraction, but it is not a chance meeting. She has been set up by her roommate, Gypsy. She soon finds out that Richard Schreck is not a cowboy, but a respected lawyer, with a penchant for black women. Their relationship is electric, and they both have ravenous sexual appetites.However, a well-known woman from his past, who had been genitally mutilated as a child, hires him in a case against her mother. When news of her mutilation is leaked, the press camp out around her home. He tells Josie the bare bones of the case, but not the identity of his client.Afraid for her safety, he moves his client into his home, which makes Josie unhappy. With no contact between them, Josie is convinced he has forgotten about her, until he once again finds himself on her doorstep with promises of fidelity. 

An electric connection between the cowboy and the lady.

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