Sasha’s Temptation



 Book 1 of The Five Widows Series 

Sasha Santorelli’s wealthy friends take her to a swanky bar to celebrate her 46th birthday. There she meets Jack Hammer, a twenty five year old dancer, who performs for her, and it is clear that they are taken with each other. As a prank, the friends pay Jack to spend a week with her in her waterfront condo, and although it is clear that they are both interested in each other, there is no sex, but she finds Jack loving and caring.
On day seven of Jack’s visit, she comes down with a horrible migraine, and he has just the remedy for it. Hot, hot sex! This begins their full-fledged relationship, but Sasha is insecure because of their age difference. Age makes no difference to Jack, and she becomes more confident. Jack receives a position at a prestigious accounting firm and moves in with Sasha, much to the chagrin of her wealthy friends.

A hot love story that crosses the boundaries of age .


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