Surrender Your Love


When twenty-nine year old international chef, Jason Hirona meets fifty-one year old artist and divorcee, Martha Holland, at an art exhibit in New York City, he is immediately smitten. However, she is a little wary of the young stranger who is just one year older than her son. When he invites her to lunch, she refuses, but after much cajoling, he finally wears her down and she joins him. At midnight, they are still deep in conversation learning about each others’ lives. He lives in Bordeaux, France and is a renowned chef at one of the city’s top restaurants.
Because of the late hour and her trust in him, she accepts an invitation to spend the night in his borrowed apartment, and he proves to be the perfect gentleman. He, however, is interested in her and worms his way into her home for the duration of his holiday. Sparks fly and he sees how naïve she is and this naivete makes him fall in love with her. When the ten days are over, Jason realizes he doesn’t want to live without her and invites her to Bordeaux.
Her son Joshua arrives to meet his new stepfather, but proves to be a stumbling block in the relationship, because of the age-difference between Jason and his mother.
Jason and Martha’s relationship is hot, and he teaches her everything she didn’t know about sex, but the age difference is still an obstacle for her. When her son pulls an unforgivable stunt and entices her to England under false pretenses, Martha knows she must make a decision. Her son or her lover! After much soul-searching, she decides to marry the man who loves her above all others, and together they decide to call Bordeaux home, where Martha continues her painting surrounded by everything inspirational.


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This is my newest title out on October 18