The Baron and the Violinist

 sm-baronandviolinist-fullWhen Johannes Furst hears Meili Wong playing her violin on the street corner of Shanghai, he knows she is destined for the world stage.
He befriends her and invites her to play for a group of his German friends, but on the day she’s supposed to play, her live-in boyfriend Feng pawns her violin to pay off gambling debts.
She plays for his friends who are so impressed with her talent, that they convince Johannes finance her studies at the Music Academy in Frankfurt, Germany. She does not like the lifestyle in Europe and is lonely, but studies diligently and becomes a success.
There is however something missing in her life. She has fallen in love with Johannes Furst, but there are obstacles in the way, as his ex-lover appears on the scene, intending on keeping the couple apart.
A lusty cross cultural love affair from the streets of Shanghai to the upper echelons of society in Frankfurt.

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