The Colors of Autumn

sm-tfw-colorsofautumn3 Book 3 of The Five Widows Series

A past indiscretion comes back to haunt Autumn Chance, when someone from her past threatens to blackmail her with incriminating photos taken at an office Christmas party five years earlier. Autumn is unsure about her sexuality, and when she meets Bobby Jo McVane, the two connect sexually, but there is no emotional attachment to Bobby Jo, and on a flight from Charleston back to New York, she meets the handsome Richard Wilcox, a private eye. She hires him to find out who is blackmailing her, and always being in close proximity, they fall for each other. Hot,
sizzling sex brings her face to face with the reality that she is not as attracted to women as she had thought. Her blackmailer turns out to be one of her former bosses, Robert Halsey, Scarlet Styles’s lover, and after a confrontation with Richard Wilcox, Robert Halsey treads carefully around Autumn.

A complex, hot love story with twists from the past.

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