Three Degrees East of Bliss………out Now!


sm-eastofblissJason Porter is convinced his lover Gabriel Parker is being unfaithful.
Hypnosis reveals that in the early 1900’s, Gabriel used to be a priest named Damien Fassnidge, who due to a sexual indiscretion, was banished to the island of Barbados as punishment.
Sailing from Cork to Barbados to take up his new position, Damien meets and befriends a brash, young Irishman named Nicholas Duffy, who is also on his way to take up the position as a sugar plantation manager. In Barbados friendship turns to love. Torn between his love for the church and his love for Nicholas, Damien decides to leave the priesthood, but before he has a chance to resign, an anonymous letter is sent to the church and he is dismissed. Defrocked and ashamed, he and Nicholas plan to leave the island, but a new piece of information comes to light which puts their relationship in jeopardy.
Will Jason Porter believe this unbelievable story about Gabriel Parker?
A new genre for The Man Love Collection

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